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Los Trancos COUNTY Maintenance District

The County Maintenance District was formed to fund and carry out enhanced fire safety, enhanced storm drain and road improvements, and land stewardship. Dissolution of the water district and formation of the county maintenance district is the product of several years of discussions between the Water District Board, the community, LAFCo, and representatives of the County of San Mateo, Woodside Fire Protection District, and Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District following the Water District’s sale of their water system to Cal Water in 2005.

Dissolution of the Water District and formation of the County Maintenance District is a solution that transfers the Los Trancos County Water District property tax share to the Los Trancos County Maintenance District to provide for enhanced fire safety, stormwater runoff and road improvements, land stewardship, and community participation through a community advisory committee.

Community advisory COMMITTEE (CAC)


Serve as liaison between the Los Trancos County Maintenance District (LTCMD) and the residents of the area within the boundaries of the LTCMD.


  • Provide input to the DPW/WFPD regarding enhanced fire protection, storm drainage improvements and land management
  • Communicate with LTCMD residents regarding plans, ongoing and potential programs, annual expenditures and any other information that may be relevant to the residents; 
  • Communicate to DPW/ WFPD residents’ comments and concerns.


  • Amanda Lee & Tom Thayer (Co-Chairs)
  • Jan Avilla, Peter Blum, Wen Gong, David Smernoff, Bill Tagg

Policies, Procedures, and formation documents

Meeting Notes and recordings