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Vista Verde Landscaping

Most Vista Verde residents moved to this area because they love the beauty of the native plants and enjoy the opportunity to see wild birds and animals nearby. This landscape guide, contributed by Yvonne Price, provides direction in planting with suitable natives and other plants that lend themselves naturally to this area. Appropriate landscaping helps avoid conflicts with Vista Verde’s natural surroundings while enhancing the beauty and maintaining the character of this area.

Sudden Oak Death (SOD) Overview

Sudden Oak Death (SOD) is a disease that infects and kills certain oak tree species. SOD has killed many trees in Vista Verde and the surrounding area and continues to spread. This article discusses SOD and how it can be prevented. The Vista Verde/Los Trancos Woods Sudden Oak Death (SOD) Task Force was formed to help minimize the effects of SOD in our neighborhood by educate homeowners and identifying best practices. The SOD Task Force is headed by Amanda Lee and has compiled the information below.

Oakworm Infestation

Although the oakworm devastation is alarming looking, it is not an alarming situation for the oaks. “Defoliation seldom, if ever, kills affected trees according to the USDA publication, “A Field Guide to Insects and Pathogens of California Oaks” (an excellent resource!).  Copied below are pages 14 & 15 describing California oakworm/oakmoth. The “Importance” paragraph is moved to the fore. Note also that oakworm infestation is unrelated to Sudden Oak Death (SOD).