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Vista Verde Community Association
Vista Verde Community Association
Vista Verde Community Association
Vista Verde Community Association
Vista Verde Community Association

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In 2009, Richard Swan and Ken Kormanak put stakes next to Ramona Rd. as a reference for tracking the landslide's status. They measured the distance from the stakes to the top of the landslide area to be 9 feet. Measurements taken after the hard rains in late March 2011 show the landslide is now only 3 feet from the road's edge. See photos below.

The photos below were taken by Amanda Lee on 3/27/11. They show the slide on the edge of Alpine just below Joaquin. San Mateo County's road department has inspected the site but we don't yet know what their plan will be.

Ballots were distributed to all Vista Verde households on February 22 and completed ballots were due by March 12. 87 of the 114 total households in Vista Verde returned their ballots, a 76% response rate. The detailed results are provided below. No VVCA funds will be used for the signs - they will be funded completely by private donations. If you would like to donate to the sign fund, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Vote Results

Do you support Vista Verde community entrance signs at the two proposed locations?

Choice No. of Votes % of Votes
Yes 112 67.9%
No 50 30.3%
No Opinion 3 1.8%

Dear Neighbors,

The Community Sign committee presents this update on the Vista Verde sign project.


In the fall two well attended focus meetings were held with very lively discussion.  Here are the most mentioned community sign pros and cons:

We want to share with the community key points of the discussion about a Vista Verde community sign.  Below are some of the factors for and against a Vista Verde sign, some history and some concerns as discussed at the open community meeting.  About 27 neighbors attended the meeting for a very cordial, interesting and in-depth discussion.  Feedback across the board was that the conversation was valuable and insightful.  More than a few changed their initial perception.

We have survived for many years without a Vista Verde sign, why should we have one now?


Los Trancos County Maintenance District