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Vista Verde Community Association
Vista Verde Community Association
Vista Verde Community Association
Vista Verde Community Association

We want to share with the community key points of the discussion about a Vista Verde community sign.  Below are some of the factors for and against a Vista Verde sign, some history and some concerns as discussed at the open community meeting.  About 27 neighbors attended the meeting for a very cordial, interesting and in-depth discussion.  Feedback across the board was that the conversation was valuable and insightful.  More than a few changed their initial perception.

We have survived for many years without a Vista Verde sign, why should we have one now?

Factors in favor:

  • We should avoid a slow drift towards becoming just another anonymous Silicon Valley bedroom community.  One goal is to ensure that Vista Verde thrives as a distinct community with its own distinctive history.
  • A community sign is one form of acknowledgement and appreciation of the community in which we live.  Suitable signs will strengthen our sense of community, our pride in being a part of Vista Verde and its Community Association with an active social environment and many selfless volunteers.
  • It was noted that Los Trancos is an official U.S. place name, has a long history that predates most surrounding towns and is well established in the minds of many Peninsula residents.  Vista Verde is almost entirely unknown beyond those of us lucky enough to live here.  A Vista Verde sign will be enlightening in this regard.
  • The one acre minimum parcel size in Vista Verde is a valuable attribute for house pricing that is being lost as realtors and Multiple Listing Service blur the distinction between neighborhoods.  A sign will help with distinction.
  • The sign was designed to be simple, unpretentious and long lasting, using natural rock and rusted steel for materials.  An effort was made to avoid ostentation or any sense of being ‘hoity-toity’, but rather reflect the rural nature of the neighborhood.

Factors not in favor:

  • Pretentious; announce “affluence”; unnatural---makes our area look like a housing development;
  • Can create tension with neighbors in Los Trancos Woods ;
  • A sign won't make anyone who doesn't drive here know of the community;
  • Feels like sign is being imposed by a few on the many (see the survey results below).

Some History:

  • Last year, combined community meetings took place that addressed the idea of merging the community associations of Los Trancos Woods and Vista Verde.  Some favored the merger while others opposed it.  Some supported the continuation of each community association because each neighborhood of between 120 to 140 households seems like a perfect size to maintain a strong sense of community, manageable and can sponsor community meetings and events in individual homes (the Spring Fling in Vista Verde, for example).  Both neighborhoods work well together on mutually important programs, such as CERPP, LTCWD, SOD awareness, and annual combined community picnic. We will always be Vista Verde if for no other reason than that of simple geography and history.  Vista Verde is a thriving neighborhood and will continue to be so, as is Los Trancos Woods; two neighborhoods that work together while maintaining unique identities.
  • There is historical precedent of a sign.  At the Edwards’ property at 317 Ramona, the location of the proposed Vista Verde sign, a “Alpine Highlands” sign was uncovered while brush clearing. This was the original sign put up when Ramona Road was extended and the Vista Verde tract was under development.


  • Identification of Vista Verde is in no way intended as a slight to our friends in Los Trancos Woods.  Intention is similar to Ladera which has recently visually distinguished itself from neighboring Menlo Park and Portola Valley neighborhoods with a “Ladera” sign.  An effort should be made to communicate with Los Trancos Woods the reasons for Vista Verde wanting a sign to avoid any misunderstandings or misconceptions.

 We also opened and tabulated the surveys with the following results:

  • Over 2/3s of the respondents support community sign; 70 respondents in favor while 35 respondents not in favor --- a total of 105 responses from 57 surveys.
  • The majority liked the presented design using the Font #1(Times New Roman) font and lettering that noted the establishment date of 1959; and
  • The majority of respondents supported a combination of VVCA and private donations while a sizeable number of respondents wanted private donations only to fund the construction and permitting of the signs.

 A few folks felt strongly that both rock walls should be the same design for continuity. This recommendation would increase the overall cost estimate of the 2 signs which made many attendees recommended that private fundraising should be pursued.



  • At this time, we plan to proceed with fundraising of the signs via donations only.

Since we had such a successful and informative focus meeting, we would like to encourage those who were unable to attend on Sunday to attend another meeting on Thursday, November 4, 7:30 p.m. at Swan/Mazzetti’s, 400 Ramona Rd. Like the other meeting, this is a very casual meeting with wine and cheese served.  Please RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Amanda Lee and Claudia Mazzetti

VVCA Road Safety Committee