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Dear Neighbors,

The Community Sign committee presents this update on the Vista Verde sign project.


In the fall two well attended focus meetings were held with very lively discussion.  Here are the most mentioned community sign pros and cons:


  • Strengthen Vista Verde’s sense of identity, unity and community.
  • Mitigate potential loss of identity as a neighborhood (few know of ‘Vista Verde’ whereas most everyone knows of ‘Los Trancos Woods’ and ‘Ladera’).
  • Highlight Vista Verde’s historic origins.
  • Offer a geographic locator for friends and visitors.


  • Adds “clutter” and could look unnatural.
  • We did not have a sign in the past, so why now?  (Historical note: At the founding of the Vista Verde tract, there was a neighborhood sign at the same location as is now proposed on Ramona Rd)
  • May impact relations with Los Trancos Woods’ residents.

These focus meetings were followed by a sign survey mailed to each household, as you may recall.  Of the 102 individual responses received, representing 49% of Vista Verde households, 65% liked the idea of a community sign and 35% did not.  This two-thirds endorsement was sufficient to cause us to pursue the idea further, and also gave direction for sign design preferences.

Community feedback resulted in a sign size reduction and the decision to fund the signs ONLY by private donations; no VVCA funds are requested.  At a presentation at the November VVCA meeting it was decided to further incorporate feedback and finalize design choices.  Amanda Lee contacted Los Trancos Woods’ new association to encourage dialogue and feedback.  A committee (Bill Tagg, Mike Ward, Patrick Finnigan, Claudia Mazzetti & Amanda Lee) tweaked designs based on community feedback. An important design improvement is the incorporation of a large, well constructed community announcement board that will be attached to the entrance signs as needed.  Other improvements include an alternative ‘rock outcropping’ design that would cost less than the rock wall design  and the development of a kiosk-style sign that ended up being nixed as being too tall and unsightly.   What you now see on this ballot is the result of this process.

Where?  Sign Locations:

Gloria and Ross Edwards on Ramona and Sherri and Bill Coats on Joaquin have graciously offered to allow the Vista Verde community signs on their properties, which are at the two major entry points to the Vista Verde community:

  • On the left side of Ramona Road as you head uphill from Los Trancos Road at 317 Ramona
  • At the corner of Alpine and Joaquin Roads at 10 Joaquin.

Who pays?  Funding:

The entire project will be funded by private donations.  NO VVCA funds will be used. The project includes permit fees, materials and construction costs.

Please use the attached ballot for your Vista Verde community sign vote.  The ballot is two-sided so that two members of one household can vote via a single ballot (go green!). Return to Sherri Coats, VVCA Secretary at 10 Joaquin in the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope.  Please return your ballot no later than Saturday, March 12 (18 days from distribution of survey)

Any questions, please feel free to call or email.


Vista Verde Community Signage Committee

Amanda Lee, Claudia Mazzetti and Mike Ward

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Sign Design 1

Without and with message board.

Sign Design 2

Without and with message board.