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Dear Neighbors,

We are pleased to report that County of San Mateo Department of Public Works (DPW) is being responsive to maintaining Ramona Road and Alpine Road.  This is their responsibility and they have shown a great willingness to work with representatives of the Vista Verde and Los Trancos Woods Community Associations.

The community volunteer committee brings to bear considerable expertise as you can see by the list of committee members.  Attached are detailed notes from our December 20th SARR Committee meeting with the DPW.  At the meeting, a number misconceptions were cleared up and a very positive and effective sharing of information took place. The committee, especially the engineers on the committee, continue to work with the county to investigate long lasting and cost effective solutions.

To all who sent in signed petitions, thank you.  We will keep them on hand.  At this point we do not foresee the need to further involve Anna Eshoo or the Board of Supervisors/Don Horsley.  Funding for fixes on both Ramona and Alpine thus far seem within the scope of the DPW.

We will continue to keep you updated with general status and permitting as work progresses on Ramona and Alpine Roads.

Amanda Lee
Co-Chair, SARR
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