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David Smernoff and Tom Uridell are heading up the Water Board's water movement control and road maintenance/repair activities. The Water Board has hired BAGG Engineering to develop plans to address the various water movement and road repair issues, and is working with San Mateo County to execute the projects. Major road issues being addressed include those on Ramona Road, Alpine Road, and near the corner of Old Spanish Trail and Vista Verde. The Water Board's water movement control Web page is here.

The following letter was emailed by David Smernoff to the VV/LTW community on 4/1/11, and specifically addresses the Ramona Road problems. The other problems will be addressed in subsequent communications in the next few weeks.

Dear Neighbors,

The recent storms have highlighted the importance of improved water movement control in our neighborhood. The LTCWD is working closely with BAGG Engineering and other professionals to thoroughly evaluate and understand the overall system, and to design and implement improvements that will help to protect our shared roads and to reduce impacts of water runoff onto private property.  

We have been out evaluating the system both prior to and during the recent storms.  We are developing a list of items that are opportunities for improvement and will shortly have a civil engineer working to review this list and make prioritized recommendations. From there we can begin to implement improvements within our budget, and in full cooperation with the San Mateo County Department of Public Works.

Specifically, we are evaluating a number of options for near-term repairs to certain features at the Ramona Road slide area that we hope will reduce water infiltration into the slide area. A letter from BAGG Engineering about the results of our recent culvert, and related features, inspection work will be sent out as soon as it is available. We are also undertaking detailed geologic analysis of the existing conditions that we hope will serve as a basis for repairing the slide area and protecting Ramona Road.  We anticipate working closely with the County to identify and apply for funding for the more extensive work that will likely be necessary.

We are also about to launch a new initiative to improve the roadside drainage system by providing incentives for homeowners to install, replace or repair existing culverts.  This work will commence this spring and will include careful evaluation of the outfalls for each section of the drainage system, with improvements made to those areas as well.

Please recognize that this is going to be a multi-year effort, that will require professional evaluation of improvements, close coordination with, and authorization from, the County, and cooperation amongst ourselves.  In the long-term these improvements should, reduce County maintenance requirements, reduce sediment loading into our local creeks, and improve the resilience of our community drainage system to the frequent heavy winter rains we receive.

Thank you for your patience and for all the helpful input we have received.


Tom Uridel, David Smernoff and the LTCWD Board.