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Each home should have a Family Radio Service (FRS) or General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) radio and keep them charged and set on the channel and code for your Neighborhood. Radios will serve as a back-up communication should telephones not be working. You can purchase a basic pair of 14 channel FRS radios for about $40; radios with more channels will also work. Radios can be purchased at most electronic stores or online, a common example is the Motorola "Talkabout" 2 way.

Setting Up Your Radio

  • Identify your Neighborhood FRS channel and code numbers as instructed in the Organization section; the first number is the channel, the second number is the code (for example: Alpha neighborhood FRS is 10-1; radio channel should be set to "10" and code to "1").
  • The instruction manual that came with your radio will help guide you through channel and code setup; each radio is somewhat different.
  • Check your radio display for proper setup: the channel will be the large number; the code will be the small number. All radios set to the same channel and code can communicate. (Note: code is also known as Interference Eliminator Code.)
  • Write your neighborhood FRS channel and code on a label and adhere to the back of your radio along with FRS 7-11 for the Vista Verde Command Center (EOC) so that you can monitor if desired.

Talking and Listening

To talk, press and hold the talk pad. Press the talk pad about a second before you start speaking.

  • State where you are calling to, your name, and location, for example: "Group 2 this is Jane Doe at 123 Joaquin Road".
  • They will reply "go ahead Jane"
  • State your concern/request/question as concisely as possible.
  • When done speaking, say "Over" to signal you’re finished with that thought.
  • When completing a conversation, say "Jane Clear or Jane Standing by"


  • Hold the radio 2 to 3 inches away from your mouth when talking. When you finish talking, release the talk pad (press to talk, release to listen).
  • Initially, to find out if anyone can hear you, say "Do you read me?"
  • Speaking slowly and clearly will help others understand you
  • To talk, press and hold the talk pad. Press the talk pad about a second before you start speaking.